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Frictionless Travel

Hello, world!

I'm starting this blog to share some of my travel tips, musings, and recommendations as I go about my daily job. The title of the blog references my least favorite part of travel, what I call friction.

Friction is waiting 5 minutes in line to pick up your car keys at the rental car counter. It's having to check in at the airport ticket counter to get a paper boarding pass because they won't let you get one delivered to your phone. It could even be the 20 seconds you waste standing on an escalator because people won't move to the side and let you walk up it.

It's those little things that nobody cares about when they interact with the airports/hotels/car rentals/etc. 3 times per year. But I do it 30 times a year and the time adds up.

I expect to blow through the topic of efficiency rather quickly but will expand on other topics as they come up.

The internet is overrun with travel blogs offering:
Hacks for amassing miles/points to travel for "free&qu…